Not So Great Wyatt Earp

Since the passing of our Old West, legends concerning famous western characters have become so distorted and overworked, they appear more like myths and historical fiction then true history accounts. Case in question – Wyatt Earp, famous U. S. Marshal of Tombstone, Arizona. His outstanding feats and accomplishments both good and bad have been damaged almost beyond belief and reason.

To most historians of western history Wyatt Earp was a courageous man of action and wore his white hat proudly. His legendary feats were quickly lifted to preposterous proportions and he seemed to be the greatest western lawman to pin a tin badge on his shirt. Colorful newspaper and magazine accounts further aided the legend and his reputation rose to greater heights.

But there supposedly was another side to the stories. Over the years more detailed information has surfaced hinting that maybe Wyatt Earp was not so great after all. In fact instead of a hero of the western frontier he was nothing more than a gunfighter, itinerant gambler and a hard-headed saloon keeper. I have my own opinions and remain on the fence. As for further information, I’m sure it will simply add a few more pages to western fiction.

The Old West produced a large number of different varieties of legendary gunfighters. Most of them, good and bad, have received the same treatment as Wyatt Earp. Overnight they became heroes and were headlines in a newspaper. Of course, there were exceptions. Bill Hickok had a somewhat of a mild beginning. So one can have his or her mythical hero anyway they prefer. It depends on what kind of literature you choose to read and feel good after reading. One thing for sure, Wyatt Earp was damn good with a six-gun.

Earp is most often portrayed as a sleepy-eyed, laid back kind of fellow, very fast with a gun, and he knew how to use it to his advantage. You did not want to tangle with the badge totin’ lawman unless you were looking for trouble and had a death wish. Several men tried him but it was Earp that died in his old age. That tells it all.

It is also true that Wyatt Earp came from a large family of fighting men. His father served in our bloody Civil War and later became a lawman. Earp’s brothers, Virgil, Morgan, James, and Warren were handy with firearms as well. Some of them later shared in Wyatt’s notoriety as a lawman.

In his personal writings Earp claimed he kept his family in fresh meat due to his ability as a hunter of wild game. His rifles were a variety of cap and ball weapons, Colts, Remington, Starr, and others. At this time in history, weapons were as much a part of a man’s apparel as his broad-brimmed Stetson hat, high-heeled boots, and long spurs. A firearm was needed to bag game for the table and self-preservation. There is no positive information as to what kind of weapon Earp used in his early years that I could find.

In later years after Earp became a lawman and his name begin to appear in newspapers on a regular basis, controversy raised its ugly head. It concerned Earp’s status as a lawman and his actual rank. He was a member of the Wichita, Kansas, law enforcement in Dodge City. He and two of his brothers later went to Tombstone, Arizona, where they opened a saloon.

Wyatt received some praise for his law work in Kansas where he supposedly was well liked by the citizens. This report appeared in the July 7, 1877, Dodge City Times: “It is not a good policy to draw a gun on Wyatt Earp unless you got the drop and mean to burn gunpowder without preliminary talk.”

Earp traveled throughout the west during his lifetime, his rip-snorting escapades as a gunman following him like a dark cloud. There was always some fool-hearted, young buck ready and willing to face the famous Wyatt Earp to further his own reputation. Few of them actually gave it a try, for looking into Earp’s cold eyes was to see death itself.

Lawless cow towns, mining camps and railheads such as Wichita, Dodge City, Deadwood, and Tombstone gave birth to other men such as Wyatt Earp. There were the Masterson brothers, Bill Tilghman, Doc Holiday, Luke Short, Hardin, William Boney, and a host of other gunfighters. Wyatt Earp’s outstanding career intermingled with most of them at one time or another.

About this time in our western history a new and note worthy weapon came on the scene. It was the Army Colt Single Action Pistol,.45 caliber. It became known by other names-such as The Frontier Six-Shooter, Peacemaker, Equalizer, and The Weapon That Won the West. Like other gunfighters, Wyatt Earp quickly used the gun to further enhance his reputation.

In Wyatt Earp’s biography it states that Wyatt spent some time in Kansas City’s Market Square, a meeting place for men to talk about guns, models, methods of shooting, and how to carry them. Earp’s preference was to tote a pistol on each side of his body in an open holster slung low on his leg. His favorite weapon was his noted “Buntline Special.” Ned Buntline, alias Edward Z. E. Judson, was a well-known pulp writer for the Wild West Magazine. Also he was a promoter and press agent for the famous Buffalo Bill Cody.

In Stuart N. Lake’s biography of Wyatt Earp, Lake said the Buntline presented five twelve-inch barrel Colts to well-known Kansas lawmen: Wyatt Earp, Neal Brown, Charlie Bassett, Bat Masterson, and noted Oklahoma lawman, Bill Tilghman. It was Earp who made the Buntline pistol famous. The movies and TV added to its reputation. It was more than anyone could have dreamed in 1876.

Now, deception rears its ugly head again. It was said the five Buntline weapons were accompanied with a walnut shoulder stock. The Colt factory has no evidence to back up this claim. They do list Colt pistols being shipped with a ten and a sixteen inch barrel. It is more likely Buntline bought the sixteen-inch barrel Colts and had the dealer cut them to twelve inches. Of course this is my personal view. As for the shoulder stock, Colt had a skeleton type stock made from cast bronze and nickel plating. This could also have been done by a dealer using walnut wood and at Buntline’s request.

The never-forgotten fight at the O K Corral in Tombstone added blazing immortality to the legend of Wyatt Earp. The incident has been written over and over from every viewpoint possible. Therefore, I will not attempt to repeat it here in detail. It was a historic gun battle involving Wyatt, his brothers, and their friend and fellow gunman, gambler Doc Holliday. Wyatt Earp was a peace officer in Tombstone at the time. Now and again he rode shotgun for the Wells Fargo Company. He served with devolution and great respect. As for his so called shady past, I can only rub my chin and smile with wonder.

Uses of Natural Stone Landscaping

Natural stones are commonly used as materials to pave pathways and patios. Natural stone landscaping has become popular because of the versatility of these materials and their wide range of colors, shapes and textures. Natural stone landscaping can be incorporated in different styles of landscape design from rustic to classic or formal.

Natural stones are available at any masonry yards or building supply stores. Some examples of natural stones include cobblestones and pavers for walkways and driveways, crushed rock, cut stones, flagstone and Belgian blocks. The price of natural stones varies depending on your area and the area where the stone originated. For example, a ton of 1-inch thick Arizona flagstone costs $200 while a ton of 1-inch think Lompoc flagstone can cost a little over $300.

Natural stone landscaping is ideal for covering grounds and making surfaces very pleasing to the eye. Other common uses of natural stone include driveways, patio decks, steps, benches and others.

In natural stone landscaping, the choice of stone depends on the intended use. For instance, entryways, reception and entertainment areas should use stones with smooth surfaces to suit all kinds of foot wear, especially high heels. However, select stones for steps that are not slippery and offer some traction when the surface becomes wet.

Likewise, smooth stones are also ideal for patios or any area used for sitting and dining that requires a level ground surface. Additionally, in eating areas make sure the stone is not porous or will not absorb oils and stains.

Color is another important aspect in natural stone landscaping because it affects the overall look and feel of the space. To brighten heavily shaded areas, you can use light-colored stones such as Idaho quartzite. On the other hand, you can use dark gray or chocolate colored stones to tone down the brightness in sunny areas.

Natural stone landscaping is useful not only to enhance walkways and similar areas but also to beautify other features in the landscape such as ponds, waterfalls, retaining walls and many others. Natural stones can also be used to prevent soil erosion and as safety blocks in driveways.

The growing popularity of natural stone landscaping is due to the fact that stones fit the look of most homes. It works well on both formal and informal landscape designs. The key is to choose from the wide variety of natural stones available which ones will suit the specific style of your home and landscape.

What To Wear To Trade Show Exhibits

We have lots of tips today for everyone manning their company’s trade show exhibits this year. If you have ever been unlucky enough to wear a new pair of shoes that gave you a blister as you worked all day long at busy trade show booths, you know how important this information is for all of the rookies out there. We have gathered a few great wardrobe tips to help you concentrate on representing your company the best that you possibly can at your next event.

Check The Local Weather

Before you get in the car or step on the plane, check what the weather is going to be like at the convention location. April in Wisconsin is not the same as April in Arizona, so pack your clothes accordingly. Don’t forget to pack an umbrella, especially if you have to walk very far to get to the convention hall. The last thing you want is to show up to your trade show booths soaked and miserable before the day even gets started.

Dress In Layers At Trade Show Booths

Dressing in light layers is a great way to stay comfortable when the temperature varies throughout the day. It is also great for staying warm or cool as your activity level demands. For example, when you start constructing trade show displays, you may warm up very quickly and even perspire. Then later in the day as you wait for visitors to show up at the booth and the air conditioning kicks in, you might find that you are chilly again. Cardigans, jackets, and sweaters can be worn over lighter layers so that you stay the perfect temperature all day long.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Dress as comfortably as you possibly can while maintaining the level of professionalism your job or industry demands. Avoid high heels and scratchy materials that will become unbearable as the day progresses. Khakis and logoed tops can be a great way to stay comfortable and yet still represent your company professionally.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

You are going to be on your feet all day long, so wear shoes with comfort soles and cushioned socks. Blisters and pinched toes are big no-nos. People with sore feet tend to get pretty cranky, and your visitors will not appreciate it if you are in a sour mood when you greet them. It’s also very unprofessional to take your shoes off while you work at the event, so polish up your best pair of comfortable shoes ahead of time. This is not a time for excessive vanity.

Wear A Nametag

We can’t forget to remind you how important it is to wear your nametag and other conference credentials. In some cases, your name badge is your ticket to the event, and without it, security won’t let you inside. In addition to that, it’s a good idea to let visitors at your trade show exhibits see clearly who you are and what company you are representing.

Which Country Is Better for a Permanent Residency Visa – Australia Vs Canada

Both Australia and Canada are beautiful countries; both have high living standards and quality education to offer. Both have common elements including British heritage among other things. Both these countries are popular among the immigrants who are thinking to migrate. People often approach us looking for Visa Immigration Services but most of them are always confused between Australia and Canada. So, here are some comparisons made out.

Australia the smallest continent in the world but is the largest island with warm weather, typical climates are temperate, subtropical or Mediterranean. Canada has mostly the continental type of climate it’s very cold here, during winters. The northern part of Canada mostly covered with snow for around 6 months. When comes to unemployment, Canada has the higher unemployment rate which is 7.1% whereas Australia has an unemployment rate of 6.0% also immigration to Canada is easier and less stringent. The cost of living including housing, rent, groceries are a little high in Australia than in Canada. Healthcare system is slightly better in Australia. People of Canada are friendlier towards the immigrants than in Australia. It would be bad and judgemental if it’s said Australia is a racist country which is not anymore, even though few cases of racism are found but then those don’t make the headlines. Canada is ethnically diverse and multicultural nation which is a product of large scale immigration from many parts of the world.

For permanent residency, both countries follow a point based system, the processing is around 3-4 months in Australia where as in Canada it’s around 5-6 months.

Permanent Residency in Canada

To become a permanent resident, a foreign national must make an application to IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizens of Canada). There are various ways in which one can the fastest being The Express entry system. The express entry is considered the fastest in Canada it has 2 stages first, apply for PR invitation and get selected from a pool of candidates based on total point score (based on age, language, work experience, studies etc.). Secondly, on receiving an invitation, the visa application form has to be to the immigration office. Then it is processed by the IRCC within 6 months from the receipt of application. The PR in Canada sub categorised as federal PR and PNP (Provincial nominee program), the former is applicable all over the country. PR expires after every 5 years and has to be renewed after 5 years. The benefits being a permanent resident holds same rights as Canadian citizens, they also may obtain other social as well as Canadian pension plan benefits.

Permanent Residency in Australia

The processing time is around 3-4 months for key permanent residency visas. There are the skilled independent visas and the skilled nominated visas. To apply for PR one needs to follow the point based immigration system firstly there has to be an online submission of an application that is EOI (Expression of interest) in Skill select online system which is an online form which asks a series of questions about your skills depending upon the visa subclass you select. The score is calculated based on education, skills, experience etc. And if you are selected you will get the ITA for the visa.

Also, there’s another factor that affects your visa which is the rules and regulations, considering the immigration rules and policies of both the countries Canada has easier and flexible immigration rules.

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What Is Olympics Cupping Therapy?

Through Olympics cupping, designed for athletes you cannot only enhance your blood flow but at the same time reduce muscle tension and promote the cell repair. It is even beneficial for connective tissues and aids in the formation of new blood vessels present within them. Athletes make use of cupping services by sports physiotherapy centre to heal a host of conditions and aliments.

Different Types of Cupping
In the ancient era, cupping was performed with the help of animal horns. Later different cups made up of ceramic and bamboo evolved. Effective suction through these cups was possible with the use of heat, the cups were first heated in fire and then applied. Once they were cooled, they drew the skin due to pressure difference.

Modern cupping utilize cups that are crafted from glass and are rounded like balls. The two main types of cupping include:

• Wet Cupping
• Dry Cupping

In wet cupping a combination of medicines and suction is used to treat the patient, while for dry cupping only the suction method is implemented. Your preferences, present condition and the problems that you are going through help you choose the appropriate one.

What To Expect From Olympics Cupping Treatment
During the treatment, a specialized cup is placed on the skin and the vacuum sucks the muscle upwards. This creates a pressure onto the vessels, allowing the muscle to relax and relieves tension. The cups are usually allowed to settle for a period of 5 – 10 minutes after which they are removed and placed at another part of the skin. The process continues until a particular segment of the body has been rejuvenated by the cupping session.

To help athletes make the most of it, practitioners combine the power of cupping along with acupuncture to treat skin issues, digestions and other associated problems.

Cupping is able to cure a wide range of conditions that athletes often suffer at some point or the other and these include
• Facial Paralysis
• Lumbar disc herniation
• Herpes Zoster
• Cervical spondylosis

The best part about this therapy is that it has zero side-effects or risks, allowing you to attain a perfect body without any complications.

But, before you begin with your cupping session do make sure that you consult with qualified practitioners about your conditions, past medical records and your expectations from the treatment. Because this ancient integrative medicine requires the support of both practitioners and patients in order to achieve successful results.

Effective Tips to Hiring Vintage Wedding Cars

Choosing a vintage wedding car is not something that should be taken lightly. In fact you want the car to work with your theme and you want to ensure it blends in with your overall wedding experience, making an impact as you arrive at the ceremony and get out of the car in your beautiful gown to marry the person of your dreams.

The first step to finding the best vintage wedding cars for hire is to go online. These days the majority of companies advertise online, this can save you valuable time and energy. Bear in mind that when you set your wedding date, your list of things to do grows exponentially and for many, it is one of the most stressful times of their lives. You will want to make this an easy process and with online websites, you can find companies, views their fleet and make a selection without having to leave your home, giving you the time you need to concentrate on the other aspects of your special day.

Before you choose a company, it’s advisable to choose three reputable companies that you can review in detail. Take your time and go through each company’s website to learn as much as you can about them, including how long they have been operating and the areas that they provide their services to. From here to the independent review sites, never rely on the reviews you find on the company website alone, get honest feedback from past and current clients that you can use to steer you in the right direction and help you create a short list of vintage wedding cars specialists that you feel you can use on your wedding day.

With all this information at your fingertips, you can now compare the companies against the other to find the one you feel the most comfortable with. Take their years of experience, their vehicles and their reviews into consideration. Never let price determine your decision, but rather focus on the quality of the vehicles, whether they are clean, maintained and services and if they are available on your chosen date.

Next look at the selection available. Some car hire companies these days only specialist in one or two types of car, you want an extensive selection. Look for companies that provide a full range of vintage wedding cars, along with matching vehicles, so you and your fiancé can both arrive at the ceremony in the same car, being united before you actually tie the knot. This can make such a beautiful impact to see both parties arriving in the same car.

Pricing must pay a role, as you are working to a tight wedding budget, but it shouldn’t be your devising factor. Ideally the companies you are considering are willing to enable you to do a search online where you can add your collections and delivery post codes and your chosen date to get a quote. This can ensure you know exactly what you are expected to pay and the price should always include an experienced and qualified driver.

Remember that not all companies are created equal and there are those that specialize only in wedding cars, they will have an extensive fleet in your local area, which can save you so much time and energy when it comes to choosing your vintage wedding cars, so you know that your day will go according to plan and that your theme and dream wedding will fall into place with ease.

What Are the 10 Best Day Outing Resorts in Bangalore for a Perfect Weekend?

Bangalore is the best place to come across the lovely resorts and spa to get indulged in the most memorable holidays. If you have been looking for the best resort then you have landed at the right place. Here, we are going to cite the name of the prominent 10 best day outing resorts for you.

The 10 best Day outing Resorts in Bangalore:

1. Country Club – This is one of the Day Outing Resorts in Bangalore and known for serving the world class facilities at the best prices. Whether it is halls or rooms, they both have been designed in a great way to fetch your attention. The well-established gym is also here to welcome you if you are a GYM freak.

2. Park field Resort – It is a great amalgamation of resort and hotel both at the same time. The standard and heart touching services of this one of the Day Outing Resorts In Bangalore will make you fall in love with it. The enchanting greenery is waiting for you outside the balconies. To get relaxed, spa treatment is here.

3. Mango Mist Resort – According to its name, this resort is also amazing. The mango trees are here all set to give you a sweet welcome. If you step into the place, a number of memories will get evoked.

4. Guhantara Resort – It is truly a gem for the fun and adventure lovers. It is incredible as it is India’s first underground resort hold a different theme all over. It is a best choice to choose since it is all set to you enthrals you in a great manner. The great thing is that staff is quite friendly. To make you feel great, it has a number of activities to make you get indulged with the great fun right from rain-dance, tunnel trekking and various indoor as well as outdoor games.

5. Golden Palms Resort – It is next to the list since it is high in demand among the fun lovers. If you are looking for the place where you can swim then it is right place. This beautiful resort holds the biggest swimming pool in the country. And you must not skip it. Apart from swimming, there are a number of things to enjoy like tennis court, squash courts, conference halls for office trips and so on

6. Urban Valley – It is just 45 minutes away and would not take that much time to reach here. To get the great view of pine trees and red flowers, you must head here. For the adventure enthusiasts, it is the best place to head.

7. Ramanashree California Club And Resort – To get a break from hectic life, you must go here. As you can go for enjoying here a wide array of games like biking sports, paintball, squash basketball, wall climbing and many different indoor games as well.

8. Olde Bangalore Resort -To enjoy the top notch facilities, beautiful nature views and luxurious designs, it is a best option to choose.

9. The Windflower Prakruthi – To increase the productivity, you must head here as a wide array of team building activities, halls zorbing, outdoor sports and banquets are organized here.

10. Clarks Exotica Resort And Spa – To enjoy a wide array of outdoor games like cycling, cricket, basketball and so on. Apart from it, pools with slides for kids and squash also available.

15 Things Not to Do in Japan

If you have plans to visit Japan, there are some things you need to know. Familiarizing yourself with some basic Japanese cultural practices will go a long way in making your trip there enjoyable. Also, you are not likely to get into trouble. Here are things you should not do based on Japan culture.

1. Don’t enter a house wearing your shoes

Are you used to walking around in your house in your shoes? Well, you might get yourself in trouble if you do that in Japan. There is a special place where you should keep your shoes before entering the house. Also, there are slippers for guests when entering a room.

2. Don’t shout on the train

Trains are very common in Japan. However, people don’t make noise while in trains. They are always silent. If you have to speak to someone, do it in a low tone. Use your earphones if you have to listen to some music.

3. Don’t use your phone on trains

As indicated earlier, Japanese don’t like any noise in the trains. You will rarely find someone using his phone to make a call in the train. If you have to use your phone, send a message or talk in a low tone so as not to distract other people.

4. Don’t eat on trains

Japanese do not eat when traveling on commuter trains. Drinking is okay unless the train is too crowded. However, in long distance trains, eating and drinking are allowed. Food and beverages are also sold in such trains.

5. Don’t forget to remove toilet slippers

Once you get to Japan, you will notice that there are slippers only used when going to the toilet. These slippers are easily noticeable since they have particular words or pictures. Always remember to remove them when entering your house or walking on the streets.

6. Don’t tip anyone

While it is common to tip anyone after an excellent service in many cultures, Japan is an exception. No matter how satisfied you are with their service, they never accept tips. In fact, someone will come running after you, returning the tip!

7. Don’t ignore someone you are speaking with

If you are talking with a Japanese person, always stay calm and attentive. You may sound impolite and rude by just failing to show that you have understood a point. Whenever speaking, show your attentiveness by talking back.

8. Don’t photograph everything

Despite Japan being a beautiful country, you are not allowed to take photos everywhere. It is advisable to always ask someone before taking photos. You must be granted permission to take pictures in museums, temples, and shrines.

9. Don’t hug anyone you meet

Hugging is common in western countries. However, in Japan, it is not. You don’t hug someone you come across in Tokyo streets. Most of the older folks don’t like the habit. If you want to hug someone, then it’s best to know their age group and whether they are comfortable with it.

10. Don’t eat or drink when walking

It is uncommon to find Japanese eating or drinking while they are walking. Even on the streets with food stalls they always find a place to sit. Now you know how to behave when you are on Japanese streets so you don’t look foreign.

11. Don’t receive a present with one hand

Whenever receiving a gift or a visiting card from a Japanese, use your two hands and bow. Then tell him thank you. On receipt of a gift, don’t open it until the person who has given it to you has left.

12. Don’t throw away trash haphazardly

Another thing you might find hard to get used to is how to handle your trash. In most cities around the world, there are a lot of trash cans however, Japanese cities are different. People are encouraged to carry their trash until they find a place to dispose of it.

13. Don’t fail to say “thank you”

The verb “thank you” is highly valued in Japan. Learn to say it after being served in a hotel or store. Familiarize yourself with how bowing is done in Japan. You must always bow and say thank you when you meet with elders.

14. Don’t write down a person’s name in red ink

In Japan, it is OK to write “goodbye” in red ink but not a person’s name. The Japanese consider it to be disobedient. Therefore, if you have to write down your Japanese friend’s name, you know which color to avoid.

15. Don’t be shy

It is common for tourists to ask for help from locals. When you get to Japan, don’t be shy or afraid of asking for anything. They are very friendly and helpful. Even when you accidentally forget something somewhere, go back as no one is going to take it away.

4 Tips for Maintaining Vinyl Siding

We all know that vinyl siding is a great choice for one’s home due to its low maintenance and longevity. But that doesn’t mean that it is totally without basic maintenance needs or steps to be taken to see that it looks its best. Some of the common issues one might deal with are cracking, puncturing or perhaps pulling away from the house.

Thankfully, these proactive measures do not take a great deal of skill or a toolbox full of special tools.

Tips for Maintaining Vinyl Siding

1. Be sure to keep any shrubbery around the home trimmed back so that the branches cannot poke or scratch the siding. Failing to do this will result in the coating on the siding being scratched, nicked or punctured thus making the siding susceptible or mildew and mold.

2. No matter what type of siding you have on your home. It is important to take time to clean it, at least once a year. With vinyl, you can do this by using a soft scrub brush, soapy water, and a water hose for rinsing. Yes, you can use a power washer but be sure to keep it at the lowest setting and take care not to use excessive force.

3. In the event that you do discover dents, punctures or scratching, replace the piece as soon as possible. Be sure in doing this, that you use a siding removal tool so you can avoid damaging the surrounding pieces of siding.

4. Make time to clean your gutters- especially during the spring and fall or after a heavy storm as this will help keep the siding clean and prevent risk of damage to the siding.

It is also worth noting that while most people opt to have vinyl siding in a color they like, it you purchase a home with siding in a color you do not like, it can be painted. It will take two coats of 100% latex paint and the paint will need to be re-applied every two years in order to always look great.

Maintaining your vinyl siding is not a full-time job, but it does need the occasional repairs or cleaning. Don’t just assume that your home’s siding is a one and done aspect of ownership. Take time throughout the year to ensure that your siding will last as long (if not longer) than you were promised at installation. If you are new to vinyl, then be sure to talk to a local siding company and find out what they recommend for your particular type and style of home siding.

Snow Formation – One of the Greatest Challenges for IQF Processors

Snow formation inside IQF freezers is strongly linked to the process of dehydration, which occurs during freezing and is represented by water loss through the product’s membrane when it meets the cold air flow inside the IQF tunnel freezer.

During the process of dehydration, the products will also suffer a loss of weight. The humidity that is transferred from the product into the air will saturate it, and at the maximum point of air humidity (100% saturated), snow is created. This phenomenon is called precipitation and it is the same as when rain or snow is created out in the atmosphere.

The major factor responsible for the occurrence of precipitation during the IQF process is the large quantity of wet and warm product that makes contact with the cold temperatures inside the IQF freezer. After precipitation, the level of saturation decreases and even more moisture can be transferred from the product to the air, leading to more weight loss for the product transported on the bedplate inside the freezer.

Therefore, if snow formation inside IQF freezers is an indicator of product loss and dehydration, how can we minimize the level of dehydration?

First of all, the process of precipitation and thus sublimation needs to be kept under a specific level, with the help of optimal aerodynamics which ensures less disruption of the air flow and better air speed.

In order to minimize dehydration you need to avoid precipitation and thus sublimation, have better aerodynamics (less disruption of the air flow) and better air speed.

Considering that temperature variations inside an IQF freezer are a common thing, snow formation cannot be completely prevented but, thanks to its advanced design features, the IQF tunnel freezer can successfully minimize snow formation, increasing the yield of the overall production.

The IQF tunnel freezer benefits of unique fans, which can be individually adjusted in order to ensure the optimal speed for the perfect air velocity and air pressure. Thanks to the good control over the aerodynamics inside the IQF tunnel freezer, the level of air humidity remains constant and the process of precipitation is significantly prevented, ensuring a level of product dehydration between 0,1% and 1%.

The fact is that the snow building up inside your freezer is product loss, and that is because an IQF freezer is a closed system and the humidity creating the precipitation doesn’t have anywhere else to come from than from the products you are freezing.